Established 1953 3rd Generation "We Believe in The power of Jesus" "> Jerry's Carpet Service | Pell City, AL 35128
   Jerry's Carpet Service 
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" We Believe in the Power of Jesus!! "

"Being a family-owned and
 operated business for 66 years."

"At Jerry's Carpet Service we really care 
about the professional services we are selling."

*A National Brand Equivalent featuring 
Professional Truck Mount Power *

"We Specialize in Floor Maintenance"
     *weekly, bi-weekly and monthly*

 * We offer customized Cleaning Services for each client. *

                 Carpet Cleaning                                         Carpet Repairs  

           Furniture Cleaning                                        Rust Stains Removed

              Red Stain removal                                  Kitchen Floors Scrubbed   

                                       Wood Floor Cleaned  & Polished

                                          VCT  Floors stripped & waxed  

             Cleaning Contracts                                   *    Maintenance     *

        Floors Stripped & waxed                          Residential Floor Cleanings

           Janitorial Cleanings                                       Carpets Spot Dyed    

     Maid Service-Housekeeping                               Airplane Maid services                                        


   # 205-563-5988

       Jerry's Carpet Service  *   P O. Box 485, Cropwell  AL 35054       "Thou Will Be Done"      * #EAT MORE CHICKEN *

" A Family Company"            est. 1953
               " I need your Business
                     Matthew 7 :  7-8 "
' I believe in the Power of Jesus Christ "